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Politics and Anarchy

I’ve been thinking a lot about politics recently.

For most of my life, so far, I’ve thought anarchists were delusional. A world without government? You’d have to be crazy to think that’s a good idea. In my mind, anarchists wanted to inflict chaos upon society.

It recently occurred to me that anarchists aren’t crazy, just optimistic. I feel anarchy is about the belief that humanity might be capable of living together without needing a strong system of governance. I’ve started to think anarchy might be about hope, not chaos and fear as I previously thought.

This realization came at a useful time. The election is happening soon, and I’ve been watching my friends and acquaintances discuss politics on Facebook. The most disheartening thing to me is the division between supporters of the different parties. I’ve seen people removing each other as internet friends, simply because they support a different party. To me, this speaks of an unwillingness to consider and understand why other people think the way they do.

All of my beliefs and opinions exist simply because they were what made sense to me at the time. When you drive away from people who think differently from you, you limit your view of the world. In effect, you create a feedback loop that supports your views (the technical internet term is a ‘circlejerk’).

I think it’s important that we try and break out of the echo chamber of opinions we’ve built and have some real discussions. Everyone you meet has had different experiences and will perceive things in different ways.

My advice to you is simple. Strive to see the world through the eyes of others. You might find something you like.