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The World Needs Good Games

The world needs good games. We need good games, because they allow us to experience parts of life we would otherwise never be able to.

When I was sixteen, I fell in love with downhill skateboarding. It started with a gentle slope by the entrance to my high school, riding my friend and teacher Mix’s board. It escalated from there, and I was off on a roller-coaster ride of joy, friendship, pain and tragedy.

Downhill skateboarding is indescribable. No matter what I write, what videos I show you or what I say, I will never be able to communicate the tranquillity of skating down a beautiful hill with your friends. It’s also risky, requires specialized gear, high skill levels for basic safety, transport, and access to appropriate hills. You probably won’t get to try it for yourself.

Through good games, we can experience the indescribable. Good games let us live a broader and richer life. Good games make you laugh and cry. They make you long to start a family and cherish the little moments, and to run away and see the world. They give you a glimpse into what it might feel like to be a soldier fighting for your life, or a skater hurtling into a hairpin at over 100km/h.

Good games are made by people who care, about games and art. Not all successful games are good and not all good games are successful. In any case, you are the judge.

I’m making a downhill skateboarding game. I’m making it because I’ve wanted to play it since I could skate, because I have the skills, and because I think it can make enough money to be self-supporting.

But above all, I’m making it because the world needs to experience downhill skateboarding.

If I can capture a tiny part of the joy, adrenaline, fear and love that is downhill skateboarding, it will all have been worth it.

The world needs good games. We need to make good games. It’s just that simple.